Terms list – a new page

I added a new page named “Terms list“.

It is a list of terms (duh!) with a brief description.

If you have any comments and suggestions, please comment here.


3 responses to “Terms list – a new page

  1. Your new page is excellent! Abbreviations can be so useful but also they can be opaque.

    In fact I might make a similar list for my own WP blog. I’ve added a new page, wanting to post a list of internet links, and I’ve made the list but I haven’t yet found out how to make that visible. Do you know how? When that’s working I think I should make another page and use that for abbreviations as you did.


    • Thanks!
      I don’t quite understand – do you want to add a new page with links in it, or add links to the side bar?
      To add a new page, just go to the dashboard -> Pages-> add new

      To add it to the side bar, go to Appearance->widgets. There you have available widgets that you drag to the widget area you want (on the right).
      after that, go to Link -> add new. you can create differnt link categories etc..


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