The blog turned 1!

Without me noticing, a year has passed and this blog turned 1.

green fluorescent birthday

Here are a few statistics of the 1st year:

I published 42 posts in 46 categories and used 73 different tags.

Usual traffic is >100 views on Mon-Fri,  with an average of visitor/view 1<x<2 (which means that many visitors are interested enough to read more than one entry, yay). Best day ever was Feb 12, 2013, with 154 views.

Most traffic comes from search engines,  though some get here through links from other sites (mostly researchblogging and twitter).

Top 6 most common search terms were:

fiash (143); phluorin (135); dtomato (129); mcherry spectrum(97) ; tagrfp657 (72) and mcherry (65).

I guess I should dedicate an entire entry to FIASH. Well, someday…

However, the top post ever (except homepage/archive) was on folding & maturation (part1), with 785 views, with next places fluorescence spectrum viewer (417), about (408), virtual cell biology (317), and the nature methods special series parts I, IIIV down the line.

I think that once I go ito live imaging, I will have more to write about the effect of folding/maturation time.

Writing in this blog assisted me in learning about microscopy and GFP biochemistry (doing literature research to write about subjects like FCSNA or folding & maturation really works).

It also helped me plan, organize, analyze and troubleshoot my experiments.

Some people even said that this blog is interesting, so I guess I’m doing good 🙂

I’m going to continue with the journal club entries (by far the most popular category) and, whenever I can, about my own experiments and experience.

Time to go back to work…

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