Hello dear readers,

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been away for a couple of months. Just overload of work and other stuff that came in the way of updating. I hope to return to my regular reports on interesting papers (which have accumulated on my desk).

The meeting last month on trafficking was very interesting, though not as much microscopy talks as I thought. Nothing really ground breaking in terms of imaging methods.

Orna Amster Choder showed beautiful images of mRNA localization in bacteria, and Eitan Bibi talked about the targeting of mRNA and ribosomes to the E. coli plasma membrane.

Yaron Shav-Tal used imaging to look at transcription dynamics of Cyclin D1, as well as upstream events (i.e. the signal transduction process leading to transcription activation).

Jeff Gerst & Yoav Arava talked about localization of mRNAs and local translation of mRNAs to mitochondria* in yeast.

* Actually, the mito people at the meeting said that nowadays it should be called “mitochondrion” (a single mitochondria) since this is just one organelle spread throughout the cell.

Hagai Abeliovich talked about mitophagy, which is apparently dependent on mitochondrial dynamics and relates to hypo and hyper-polarization of mitochondria “daughters” during fission events.

Importantly, I learnt from him that GFP is stable in the yeast vacuole (the equivalent of lysosome) which is very interesting and maybe useful info in yeast imaging.

Felippe court and Jose Sotelo talked about movement of RNA from Glia cells to Axons. Very exciting stuff, but still missing a stronger evidence for the movement, and particularly biological effect (translation…).

I have learnt that the mito makes contacts with the vacuole and the ER membranes, where they may exchange lipids and proteins.

And there were many more interesting talks. It was a good meeting.

The next meeting I’m going to attend is FISEB 2014 where I will also present my work in an oral presentation (its called “oral poster”).


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