FISEB 2014 – day 3

Not a lot to say. The morning session on “life science policy & research funding in Israel” was somewhat informative, but too much policy discussion and not a lot of practical info.

Next was the oral poster session on genomic and transcriptomic regulation.  Can’t discuss it much since most is unpublished work. But most lectures were interesting. My lecture was very successful. Got a lot of interest. Am happy about it.

The last session was actually a panel of university presidents/rectors etc with us – the postdocs that were invited, as the next generation of young faculty members.

It was a very nice gesture but again, I was hoping for a more practical meeting. They did share some good advice on some subjects.

After that was the poster session. Very interesting work by Roee Amit from Technion on transcription imaging in bacteria. Not ready for publication yet but stay tuned. As usual, the lab of Yaron Shav-tal produces nice imaging on transcription. They are also developing something nice with the MS2 system which caused me to say “me wants” immediately. Again, can’t discuss till its published.

In the last post, I forgot to mention the plenary lecture of David Bartel. Quite insightful about miRNAs and poly-A tails. I should go read some of his latest papers.

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