A funding experiment: force me to write

As some of this blog’s readers may have noticed, the number of posts published in 2015 has dramatically declined compared to previous years.

This past year, I found myself with less time to read papers, but mostly with less time to write quality posts the way I’d like to do that.  Typically, writing a post on a single paper takes me several hours, sometimes spread over a period of days. But I also enjoy writing about a new subject that encompasses several papers, which obviousely takes longer.

I have several drafts/ideas for such posts but I can’t find the time to actually do that.

Some of these topics include:

  • GFP-mimic RNA aptamers (e.g. Spinach, RNA-mango etc…)
  • Some more in depth posts on super-resolution methods.
  • New tools for imaging (e.g. Halotag, Snaptag, Suntag, CRISPR and others ).
  • A discussion on RNA detection by FISH vs RNA-seq vs PCR vs Northren (propmpted by  my upcoming response to Roy Parker’s Letter to the Editor on MS2 labeling, as well as discussions in Arjun Raj’s blog).

This semester I started to teach a seminar course on mRNA localization, and I had high hopes that after each seminar, I will write a post about “this week’s paper”. Well, that didn’t happen.

So, I thought of an incentive to get me to write, and what better incentive than money? [Particularly since I’m a poor postdoc with 2 kids, a dog and mortgage ].

Here is a Paypal donation button. If you enjoy this blog, if you feel that you gain insight or just interested in the contents, you are welcome to support me. There is no minimum amount to donate.

PayPal Donate Button

If I get total donations of 600$, I will post at least once per month. If I reach 1000$ or more, I will try my best to publish every 2-3 weeks.  1500$ will be a great incentive to start the series of posts mentioned above.

For 1,000,000$ I will dedicate my life to this blog 🙂

Those who donate also earn the right to suggest papers for future posts…

(Of course, I will continue to maintain this blog even without funding, but postings will be rare).


Next week I’m going to ASCB2015 meeting in San Diego, CA.  I’m presenting at the ePoster session on tuesday (Microsymposium 16: Cell biology of genetic information). If you’re interested in my research come and see what I do when I’m not blogging…. Or just come say hi.

I plan to write a summary post each day of the meeting (and maybe live-twitting).

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