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My Google Scholar page

My editor’s page at Bio-Protocol (featuring protocols I reviewed/edited).

Peer-Reviewed publications:











Book chapters




Gal Haimovich, Tsviya Olender, Camila Baez and Jeffrey E. Gerst. Identification and enrichment of SECReTE cis-acting RNA elements in the Coronaviridae and other (+) single-strand RNA viruses. BioRxiv 2020.04.20.050088


Maria Czarnek, David Mason, Gal Haimovich, Víctor F. Puntes, Paolo Bergese, Joanna Bereta and Raphaël Lévy. Re-Evaluating the Spherical-Nucleic-Acid Technology chemRxiv #6633980.


Haimovich G.,  Ecker CM. , Dunagin MC.,  Eggan E.,  Raj  A.,  Gerst JE. and Singer RH.  Intercellular mRNA Trafficking Via Membrane Nanotubes In Mammalian Cells. bioRxiv #137836 Published in PNAS after peer-review (see above)


Other biology related publications:

My author’s page at Davidson institute (Hebrew).


  • Guest post at Addgene blog (2014): Which Fluorescent Protein Should I Use? 
  • Haimovich, G. (2011) Code name: Human genome (Hebrew). Galileo Science & thought, issue 154:24-30.
  • Haimovich, G. (2010) The generous germ (Hebrew). Galileo science & thought, issue 147:20-21.
  • Haimovich, G. (2010) A yiddish genetics  (Hebrew). Galileo science & thought, issue 146:34-43.
  • Haimovich, G. (2011) Pre-historic resistance (Hebrew). Galileo science & thought, issue 159.
  • Haimovich, G. (2011) Baker’s yeast, version 2.0 (Hebrew). Galileo science & thought, issue 160.
  • Haimovich, G. (2010) Morphine for all  (Hebrew). Galileo science & thought, issue 143.
  • Haimovich, G. (2010) Poodle in wolf’s skin (Hebrew). Galileo science & thought, issue 142.
  • Haimovich, G. (2010) Alpha-beta of diabetes (Hebrew). Galileo science & thought, issue 142.
  • Haimovich G. (2001) On life and Death (Hebrew). HaAyal HaKore (The Reading Moose) magazine.
  • Haimovich G. (2001) Dead Dinosaur walking (Hebrew). HaAyal HaKore (The Reading Moose) magazine.
  • Haimovich, G. (2001) Astrobiology (a four part series) (Hebrew). Israeli Society for Fantasy & Science Fiction online magazine.


Other science-related publications:


Prose: stories & poems


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