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Part of the “job description” of academics is attending scientific conferences. For that, the academic institute usually allocates an annual sum for the benefit of the researcher, based on its position. For graduate students & postdocs, that amount is typically enough for only one international conference a year (this is particularly true for someone like me that lives in Israel and needs a large sum of money just to cover air-fare).

Since I would like to attend more conferences, I thought to appeal to you, my readers, for help in funding. Why should you donate? well, I live-tweet from interesting talks and I do my best to write a summary post about the meetings that I attend.

Here is a Paypal donation button. If you enjoy this blog, if you feel that you gain insight or just interested in the contents, you are welcome to support me. There is no minimum amount to donate.

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Here is a list of conferences that I attended and wrote about in the blog (or live-tweeted):

mRNA trafficking in health  disease 2013

FISEB 2014 (day 1, day 2, day 3)

ASCB 2015 (part 1, part 2, part 3)

EMBL The complex life of mRNA 2016 (live tweet)

Here is a list of upcoming meetings that I will attend/wish to attend:

FISEB 2017 (already funded by Weizmann institute)

Spring School -Advanced Optical and Multimodal Imaging conference 2017 (free for WIS researchers)

RNA 2017 (canceled. not enough funds)

EMBO meeting: RNA localization 2017