How to…

Calculate pixel size on images

Use FISH-Quant

Choose the right fluorescent protein (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)

Calculate numerical aperture & resolution

FISH for RNA (basics) (basics of spot analysis) (RNAScope)





3 responses to “How to…

  1. Hey!
    I wondered if it was somehow possible to do fluorescence microscopy with a microscope not made for the specific thing.


    • No, not really. A fluorescent microscope needs, at the very minimum, to have a light source suitable for fluorescent microscopy and the filter cube that houses the dichroic mirror(s) and filters. All these need to be properly assembled so the light will go through a certain path accurately. If the microscope frame is not built to house these, then you just can’t do that.
      Moreover, there are objective lenses which are suitable for fluorescent microscopy, and those which are not.
      Tere are simple fluorescent microscopes that are relatively cheap.


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